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Having fun baking in the UK!
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1st-Mar-2009 01:08 am(no subject)
hello, i just joined :D

i have soooo many things to post...so i'll start with a few random cakes i made a while ago...


cuttageCollapse ) [a few big photos, sorry!]
6th-Feb-2009 03:52 pm - Valentine's cake - with a twist!
As Valentine's Day is approaching, you may be thinking of baking something special for your sweetie. I found this and thought it was the coolest Valentine's idea ever! I don't have a boyfriend but I'm tempted to make it as a Valentine's gift to myself!
31st-Jan-2009 08:08 pm - baking firsts?
This community seems a little dead! I just made fudge for the first time - what are your baking firsts that you are really proud of?

My fudge is setting in the fridge but I may be going into a sugar coma soon from scraping the pan clean - omg so fattening but so delicious!
9th-Jun-2008 05:40 pm(no subject)
this community is too quiet!!!
what have you all been cooking recently? x
20th-May-2008 09:45 am(no subject)
I've been on a bit of a baking mission recently!!!

11th-May-2008 06:54 pm(no subject)
Favourite cupcake recipes?
Or spongecake recipes?
Or any sortof cake mixtures really.

I have milk, marg, flour, sugar - granulated and icing, baking powder (though I don't really know what it's used for specifically), golden syrup & eggs.
Ooh, I also have some flakes and some creme eggs!

I also have a cheat sponge mix but I don't feel like cheating, the kitchen is clean and I'm home alone!
Show me what you've got!
7th-May-2008 01:37 pm - More cakes? Please!
Firstly, my mum made a cake for my dad's 50th. In the shape of a Gibson SG. It's freakin' sweet.

5th-May-2008 04:32 pm - Large cake tin
I've somehow got roped into making a cake for my friend's 18th and it needs to serve around 20-25 people so I was thinking of a square/rectangle tin because it'd be easier to divide even portions and make it stretch if more people turn up.

Anyone recommend where I could get a cheap tin? Preferably a 'high st' store so it's easy to get i.e. Matalan.

Thanks :D
27th-Apr-2008 05:17 pm - Chocolate Custard Muffins
Hairwax vs French Fancy
Afternoon everyone! As well as the recipe for Chocolate Custard Muffins over here, there's a small cometition to win a really nice cake book in the Guardian this week.

I also have a question! What sites and food blogs do you look at for inspiration? I'm a big fan of tastespotting, but don't really branch out form what they offer.
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