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Having fun baking in the UK!
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23rd-Apr-2008 04:53 pm - Biscotti and Booshcake
Stetsons are cool

Emergency (it's a Wednesday afternoon, all right?) double chocolate biscotti, adapted from joyofbaking.com to suit what was in the cupboards at the time. All gone now.

Booshcake, for a friend's birthday. A bit on the simple side, but I did it as well as possible with Fancy Jam and Buttercream With Actual Butter and Proper Vanilla Seeds in the cake itself, and the little bits I were able to sample were OM NOM NOM. The white sugarpase was a little bit thin, but I bought the black stuf pre-coloured and that was so much easier!
23rd-Apr-2008 07:42 am - Yummy cakes.
Buffy comic

My new scales :)Collapse )
13th-Apr-2008 06:34 pm - The Ultimate Cupcake Quest
Hi, my name's Katie and this is my first post here! Since I made the icon for this community I've had the desire to make the perfect cupcake (or fairy cake, can't forget the traditional name!). My first attempt was a disaster so it shall never see the light of day. This is my second attempt at rainbow cakes with a chocolate buttercream topping. I also had some buttercream left over so I made some Bourbon biscuits.

10th-Apr-2008 10:17 pm(no subject)
Pastel cupcakes
I baked this chocolate fudge cake for my sister in law's birthday today! I really want cake now, but alas I gave it away. My bad.

10th-Apr-2008 10:37 am - Cupcakes!
Debbie Harry
I'm going to make a batch of cupcakes at the weekend. Last time, I just used plain old buttercream and hundreds&thousands for the toppings, but am after some more exciting ideas. Please inspire me!
9th-Apr-2008 12:03 am - losing your baking virginity
What was the first thing you baked, and how did it turn out? Mine was plain cupcakes with BRIGHT green icing as that was the only food colouring we had in, haha.
7th-Apr-2008 08:03 pm(no subject)
Stetsons are cool
I made this cake about nine months ago for my university's graduation screening:


That said, anyone got any tips for working with sugarpaste/royal icing/what have you? This was my first attempt and was kind of awful and I had to keep bunging everything in the fridge to stop it from disintegrating. However, it's my friend's birthday next week and I want to give it another bash while creating less of a disatser.
7th-Apr-2008 06:39 pm - decorations and aesthetics
Hi everyone! I'm glad this community was made; as much as I like crafting sites based in the States I get very sick of things being in odd measurements or hearing about great supplies coming from shops I can't ever go to... so I thought I'd post to help kick-start this into a great active community!

Anyway, I'm a novice but enthusiastic baker when I have the time. Most of the cakes I make taste nice but look very amateur, and I haven't a clue about how to make them prettier and more professional. Take the icons for this community- gorgeous cupcakes but I have no idea how to make the icing look like that.

Any and all tips appreciated about making your baking better looking!
7th-Apr-2008 06:13 pm - sprinkles!
true blood - eric hello sweetheart
Helloo everyone :)

Does anyone know where I can get some cute sprinkles for the top of cupcakes, like heart shaped ones or flower ones or anything interesting for that matter, for a reasonable price/cheap on the internet? Or any places in London that do good decorations for not too expensive?

Thank you!

And, because this is the most amazing thing ever, I need to show you this rainbow cheesecake over at Craftster.org (which has a baking section!).
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